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Writing my CV was never easy. I’m not a writer, so there’s no way that I could put up an impressive paper when applying. I thank the resume designs from They’re great and very dependable.

George, UK

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Using Resume Design

Purpose of Your Resume Design

Today if you apply for any job the biggest problem is getting your resume noticed so that you get called for that interview. The trouble is that with the volume of resumes that a recruiter may receive they may only spend from 15 to 30 seconds glancing over each resume to see if you fit the bill for their position. This means that you resume really does have to grab their attention and lead them to read it; this means having great resume designs.

Using Interesting Resume Designs

While this resume design may not be everyone’s cup of tea it certainly manages to grab the reader’s attention. Most people would spend extra time exploring the resume to discover if the writer (or should I say designer?) has the skills necessary for the job. The aim on the whole is to get noticed and get the recruiter to read more which a resume design such as this will achieve. But would it get you the job? Impressive resume designs may look good to the person that has designed them but do they say the right thing to the recruiter and are they appropriate for the work for which you have applied?

Does Submitting Different Resume Designs Work

While impressive resume designs may look good to someone glancing over them and admiring them as works of art in their own right, will they help you to get that next job? You will need to do your research on the company and the recruiter to know whether or not having a stylish and unusual resume design is going to help or hinder your chances for an interview. Submitting a cluttered and sketch filled resume to a modern graphic design company that normally produces clean modern looking campaigns may say straight away that your skills and their needs do not match; so be selective as to which companies you send your resume design to.

Making your resume functional

While impressive resume designs such as the example shown above may look good at first glance are they functional? Not only does the resume need to stand out and make the recruiter read it, it must also communicate your skills and experience to show that you are capable of doing the job in question. The resume design linked to is in places difficult to read and may therefore turn off the recruiter and still lead to your resume being placed in the reject pile. If you want to use an unusual but attention grabbing resume design don’t let the design itself prevent the resume from achieving effective communication. Use examples such as this for resume design inspiration but make sure that the design draws the eye to what the recruiter wants to see.