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Professional Resume Design

Why is It Important to Use a Professional Resume Design?

Our Resume Sample

Make Sure You Have a Catchy Resume Design

With the current state of the world economy it is not unusual to see hundreds of applicants to any single job. Each applicant is likely to have excellent qualifications and plenty of experience matching the requirements of the company that is recruiting. But how do they decide who to employ? Well the first stage is selecting the most promising candidates for interview by reviewing those hundreds of resumes. This means going through each and every one of the resumes to find the best. If your resume does not make you stand out from the rest of the crowd then you have very little chance of getting yourself selected for interview.

Professional Resume Designs Online

There are many examples online of some very professionally created good resume designs such as this one.This resume uses an info-graphic type approach to produce a visually pleasing very professional resume design. Professional resume designs such as this look good but will they do the job of getting you the interview?

It is always best to do as much research as possible about any job that you apply for and to make your application as focused as possible. This can include the format of your professional resume design also. Not every recruiter is going to be looking for something like the example shown, many will be looking for the traditional style of resume and may well dismiss the fancy one as a flight of fancy on the part of the applicant even for a design role. Some companies however are looking for highly creative and independent designers and may very much welcome the style of resume shown.

So do your homework; choose the most appropriate professional resume design for the role that you are applying for. Find yourself resume designs that work for the position that you are applying for.

Will a Professional Resume Design Do the Job It Is Meant to Do?

Most of these professional resume designs will do what they are setting out to do which is to get you noticed. However this is not enough; while the sample we illustrate here provides a good example of displaying the applicants work history and skills many do not. The recruiter wants these to be very obvious and easy to find, so whatever professional resume design you use it is vital that your skills and employment history stand out and are easy to find and to read. If they are obscured by the design or missing entirely you will still find your resume heading for the no thanks pile. Use resume designs that work, not just to get you noticed but to provide the recruiter with the information they want clearly and concisely, that is what a professional resume design should do.