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Cool Resume Designs

Why Use Cool Resume Designs

When it comes to landing the next job you have to ensure that your resume gets you noticed, a resume that looks the same as the other hundred that the recruiter has or contains the same clichés and lists of qualifications is not going to make you stand out. A cool resume design that looks very different from the more traditional black on white text based resumes will certainly do the job of getting you noticed. But will they also get you an interview for that job that you want?

Should You Use Cool Resume Designs?

Not everyone conforms to the more formal resume styles that recruiters expect, and certainly in some areas such as graphic design it is quite popular for some applicants to get a little more creative with their applications and to produce cool resume designs such as in this sample. This example based around a comic or newspaper design is very effective at gaining the recruiters attention and getting noticed. This is a very popular design amongst those viewing as can be seen by the many comments requesting copies of the file.

But would an awesome resume design such as this actually get you employed? The problem with these awesome resume designs is that they may be just too good for the recruiter. Not every recruiter is looking for a highly creative individual (even if they say they are), many are looking for employees who are going to conform and do the jobs that they are tasked with doing within pretty strict guidance, a resume such as this says that you are unlikely to fit into that role.

Therefore before you rush off and create your own cool resume designs you need to really consider the company and the position to which you are applying. If it is a young, vibrant, highly diverse and creative company then a cool resume design may be just what you want to guarantee yourself an interview. A highly professional and established firm with long standing ways of working however may see your cool resume designs as being something to avoid.

The Purpose of Cool Resume Designs

Cool resume designs from the point of view of the designer are to showcase their artistic and creative talents as well as to ensure that they get themselves noticed. However many designers forget that most recruiters want to see more than just an example of their design work which they can view within their portfolio. They want to be able to quickly find and review the applicants past work experience and their relevant skills and qualifications to see if they match the needs of the job. This particular example has clearly marked sections within which the information can be clearly seen; some cool resume designs however are highly cluttered and difficult to read.