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Writing my CV was never easy. I’m not a writer, so there’s no way that I could put up an impressive paper when applying. I thank the resume designs from They’re great and very dependable.

George, UK

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Best Resume Design

The Purpose of Your Resume Design

Resumes are your route to gaining an interview for your next job, the recruiters will read through all of the resumes that they receive for the position and make their selections as to who they feel are the best suited for the position and who should be called in for interview. With often hundreds of resumes to review for a single position this means that the recruiter will often spend less than 30 seconds to look at each resume. So how do you get your resume to stand out and make the recruiter take notice? A good resume design can help, but can you go too far?

The Best Resume Designs

The standard black text on white paper in a formal layout may not always be the very best resume design approach for each and every position that you apply for. Having great resume designs that differ from this norm can certainly get you noticed such as this creative example of a resume. This great resume design is colorful, creative and very different from what everyone else will have submitted so will be guaranteed to be noticed.

But will it be noticed for the right reasons? If the job is for a creative position and the recruiter is looking for someone with an individual style and personality then they may be straight on the phone to organize that interview without even going through the resume to see if you have the relevant skills. If however the recruiter is looking for a designer that is going to knuckle down and create what the customer wants they may have concerns that you would have problems with having your creativity curbed by having to follow instructions. Of course there will also be others that will just bin the resume because it does not follow the norm! You need to do your homework on the company in question before you send your best resume designs as they just may not match what the company and the recruiter is looking for.

Resume Design Functionality

The best resume designs bring the eye of the recruiter straight to the most important and relevant factors about you, this design however requires the recruiter to turn other pages out of the way to find the relevant information, so a recruiter that is not particularly impressed by the design aspect may be frustrated by not being able to see at a glance what they are looking for and the applicant will still lose out. The best resume design needs to be able to meet all of the needs of the recruiter as well as show off your skills and personality.